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Need A Good Mop?

Do you need a GOOD mop?  What constitutes a GOOD mop?

Could a good mop look like the one the self-crowned Queen is holding in the picture?  NOT!

Since I started Penguin’s Best Housekeeping Service 15 years ago, we use the same mops and buckets.  I do not mean the same design, I mean the same exact mops and buckets and they look like new!  How could this be possible?  Here is the formula:

Nicky’s GOOD Mop Formula:  Quality Mop + Easy Care = Good Mop

TWO POINTS to help you apply the mop formula at home:

1.  CHEAP IS OUT.  Invest in a professional mop and bucket.  As the British say, “I am not rich to buy cheap products.”

2.  EASY CARE.  Your selection needs to have removable, washable parts (mop head).


There are mops galore.  You can find lots of Mr. Mops dumped every day in our landfills.  I am sure, when they were initially selected at the local grocery store, they did not look too bad.  Let’s see–most of us have used the standard string and sponge mops.  Newcomers to the market are the Microfiber Roller Mop, the Fabric Twist Mop, the Tornado Mop, the Wonder Mop and the wet/dry collection.  All full of promise and power.  Many come with removable or replaceable refills.  I favor the ones with washable refills over the replaceable ones.  It will stretch your investment $ a bit further.

My pick for a mop and one that I use for my home and business is an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain mop.  It is professionally designed and constructed with a removable, washable mop sleeve (mop head) at an average price point.

I initially discovered my mop from a company in California.  Now you can find a similar mop at your local grocery or hardware store.

What makes this mop so unique is its large, flat base and the removable mop head that slips over the base.  The mop base covers more space than an average mop.  It measures 8″ x 15″.  It comes with a standard 22″ handle.  The base is low and pivots in any direction for those hard-to-reach places.  Note:  Always wash your mop head separately with a little detergent and bleach.  Hang it to dry (don’t put it in the dryer as it will loosen the elastic).  You can also put it back on the mop to dry.  Have a bracket for your mop and always hang your mop high in order for it to dry.

I do not care to endorse any product or company, but if you like to check my GOOD mop pick, go to under Sh-Mop.  You can also find a mop with a similar design at your local grocery or hardware store.  If you decide to order, don’t forget to order extra mop heads.

TIPS: Not only look for a good quality mop and bucket, but also for a removable and washable mop head.  It will help keep your home Clean Green!  Make sure you vacuum or sweep the floor before you mop.  If you clean your spills right away and mop often, “elbow” and “grease” will stay as separate words for you.  Mopping can be a breeze if you use the right mop and use it often.  I will cover technique later, but I do want to emphasize water is the enemy here.  Make sure you squeeze your mop well before every mopping.

Write to us if you have an interesting or funny mop story.

Happy Mopping!


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