Penguin's Best Housekeeping Service, LLC


Penguin’s Best Housekeeping Service opened its doors on June 22, 1994.

I was tickled pink. As for my parents—they were steaming hot!

“What a bizarre business to start with an M.B.A.” said my father, a Cambridge graduate and senior economist for one of the worlds largest oil companies. He added, “Anyone can do this!”

Nonetheless, I loved the business. (When in school I cleaned homes for extra money.) In spite of no glory, I stayed with it!

Fifteen years later, tackling clean from average homes to mansions, training people, managing challenging properties, teaching housekeeping to adults and children, answering a zillion questions on housekeeping, having homeowners wait listed, as well as articles about my company in CT and NY papers, radio interviews, meeting Mr. Trump for The Apprentice, and now launching my dream workshop while writing a book. Whew.. I think I am enjoying some glory after all. So I say: "Dad you were wrong" ... well maybe just this time! My dream one day to host the very First Clean Show on TV! Stay tuned... 

I am thrilled to introduce the
class to you.

See you in class!

Nicky Tomboulides
Consultant, Penguin's Best